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Trouble for Tampa Bay Rays’ Wander Franco: Legal Complications Unfold

Trouble for Tampa Bay Rays
Trouble for Tampa Bay Rays

Trouble for Tampa Bay Rays – There’s a problem involving Wander Franco, who plays for the Tampa Bay Rays. People say he had a relationship with a girl who is 14 years old.

In his home country, the Dominican Republic, a judge said Franco can leave the country, but he has to come back every month to talk to the authorities. He also has to pay a fine of about $34,000 while they keep looking into what happened.

They think Franco might have done things involving money and a girl that are not okay. They say he gave money and a car to the girl’s mom so she’d agree to things.

The girl’s mom is also in trouble for the same reasons as Franco.

Franco hasn’t been charged with a crime officially yet. People who check these things have been collecting information for a while. They gave a big document with almost 600 pages to the judge.

This all started on social media when the girl got upset because her mom didn’t share the money she got from Franco.

Franco says someone is trying to get money from him through all this.

Franco hasn’t played baseball since August because of this issue. Last year, he signed a big contract with the Rays for $182 million.

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